Type: Assumption

Analysis: People are often affected in assessing the nature of the truth by the influence of media. Although in regimes of both President Bush and President Obama the US have to join unrighteous wars everywhere, people believe that wars in President Bush’s regime only bring out bad results and no hope for them. On the other hand, through articles, people have a good impression to President Obama so they support to his policy of wars and trust in a bright future which wars will draw out.


Type:  Prejudice

Analysis: In the picture, viewers can see clearly that through periods, men become more and more perfect while women only attach to their housework or chores. From that, it is shown that people always the social role of men will have changed better and better but women should still keep their duty of affair.


Type: Discrimination

Analysis: From the picture, it is shown that basing on the power of money, no matter how the opinion is bad or good, the opinion is always recognized and appreciated in any situation. It is an unfair fact in the modern daily.


Entry 3_Pham Dieu Thuy


Analysis: It shows that men are more intelligent, study better, and are more suitable with the career of professor rather and women. In other words, women have less ability to become professors than men.


Analysis: the picture is about racial discrimination. Colored people can’t watch a movie together with the whites but have to go to an isolated theater . Moreover, this theater serves colored people but it looks “grey”, dark and deserted. Obviously, colored people are treated in a less favorable way.


Analysis: The picture shows that women’s all responsibility is to do the housework, especially cooking. However, in fact, apart from housework, women also get outside to work, earning money; simultaneously, man also somehow share the housework with women.











Item 1:









Analysis: this is the image ofGermanywhich people know .for example, when  people are remaindered of  theGermany.When looking at those symbols, people will immediately remember the image ofgermany  without any nations in the world.



item 2:





Analysis: This illustration is of a poster drawn by an anonymous artist, date unknown, during World War II. It illustrates anti-Japanese propaganda created during World War II inAmerica, perpetuating the stereotype of the dangerous sexually predatory Asian man, a menace to White women.




item 3:






“The two platforms” From a series of racist posters attacking Radical Republican exponents of black suffrage, issued during the 1866 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race .he poster specifically characterizes Democratic candidate Hiester Clymer’s platform as “for the White Man,” represented here by the idealized head of a young man. (Clymer ran on a white-supremacy platform.) In contrast a stereotyped black head represents Clymer’s opponent James White Geary’s platform, “for the Negro.” Below the portraits are the words, “Read the platforms




Nguyen Thi Hang-Entry 3



–   Discrimination

-Analysis: Five white cups group up together. The black cup stands alone. It means that the black cup is isolated by these white cups because it is black color while the others are white. This picture indicates the racism discrimination. The white cup is the symbol of white people and the black cup is blacks.



– Analysis: Police arrest due to eyebrows joining in the middle without reason they only know that anyone who have eyebrows join in the middle is arrested. Because people usually reckon that a person who has eyebrows meet in the middle is a crook, or a bit dim or something like that. Actually, not all eyebrows join in the middle people are bad or criminal.



-Analysis: People only depend on appearance and clothes to call countries’ name. For example, when they see the red aboriginal they reckon that he is Indian. Actually, the red live in many places not only in India.

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Entry 3_Pham Thi Thanh Thuy

Entry 3

Identifying bias

Item 1


–         Prejudice

 –         Analysis:  Following this picture, new seatbelt design is covering the women’s mouth which helps reduce nearly a half the number of accidents. It is clear that people always have a negative judgment that   women’s talkativeness is quite disturbing which make other can’t focus on driving, therefore accidents happen. In fact, accident can be caused by lots of other reasons


Item 2


–       Discrimination    

–       Analysis: This picture sends the message that men still cannot pass the gender line in order to become nurse. Obviously, from past to now people always keep their thinking that only women are suitable for choosing  nursing as their career ,that’s why man have to cope with much consideration and hesitation about being a nurse.



Item 3


      Vitamin A is an important nutrient. It is used to make rhodopsin, a pigment in your eyes. Thus, carrot is necessary for healthy vision. People can develop night blind if they do not get enough of it. Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A. Carrots should be a part of your daily diet

–     Assumption

–     Analysis: At first this paragraph seems to offer good information. It may be written by people who grow carrots commercially. In fact, this conclusion based on limited knowledge and expectancy to sell more products because the writer only mentioned to good characteristics of carrots




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Entry 3 – Nguyen Thi Hoang Ha

Item 1: Quotation:

Heaven is where the Police are British, the Chefs are French, the Mechanics are German, the Lovers Italian and it’s all organised by the Swiss.
Hell is where the Chefs are British, the mechanics are French, the lovers are Swiss, the Police are German and it’s all organised by the Italians.


–          Stereotype:

–          Analysis:

This quotation shows fixed beliefs of people from different countries. British people are famous for having great policemen, but they are not very good at cooking. French foods are well-known all over the world, therefore French people are known for their creativity. Germany is the country of mechanism. Italian people are so romantic; therefore, they would be great lovers. Switzerland is the country of watches and they are famous for being well-organized.

Item 2:


–          Discrimination

–          Analysis: The man receives a call, maybe asking for information about a car that is for sale. However, the man thinks that “he sounds black”, and he doesn’t want to sell the car to the man. That is racial discrimination, because from the voice and intonation he hears (which are perhaps not very polite – according to his gestures and attitude), he thinks that it is from black people. Therefore, he declines to sell the car to the man.

Item 3: An article by a reader of an online newspaper.


–          Prejudice

–          Analysis:

This work is called “osin” with a not-very-friendly attitude. The title of the article just states that “Osin” commits crime. The usage of the noun “Osin” is similar to generic reference, which create a feeling that those people in general are not good and shouldn’t received much expectation from others.


Entry 3 _ Vu Thi Nhu Quynh

Item1: Câu chuyện về một chàng trai

A là một học sinh, sinh viên ưu tú, thành tích học của A thật đáng nể từ khi biết cầm cây bút trên tay, luôn nằm trong top của lớp, của trường, đã thay mặt trường và gặt hái được nhiều thành công ở các mùa thi cấp huyện, cấp tỉnh. Tốt luyện loại giỏi 1 trường đại học có uy tín với những bảng điểm đáng mơ ước nhưng cuộc đời A luôn lận đận kể từ khi người ta phát hiện ra giới tính thật của A. Luôn bắt gặp những ánh nhìn nghi ngại, dè bĩu, những trận cười sáng khoái của đối phương khiến không ít lần A như thắt nghẹn. Tuy là người khá tự tin và vui vẻ nhưng cũng có lúc A buồn lắm, muốn từ bỏ tất cả và hơn thế là muốn trở thành con người thật của chính mình, nhưng….. A cũng đã thử yêu và được yêu nhưng xã hội đã không cho tình yêu của họ tồn tại, những xoi mói của dư luận, cười cợt, những ngăn cấm từ gia đình….và họ đã không đủ sức để níu kéo thứ tình yêu mong manh đó, nó tan vỡ như bọt nước một cách dễ dàng để rồi dư luận một lần nữa lên án rằng tình yêu của họ là sự dã dối và lợi dụng…..nghĩ cũng đáng cười cho dư luận……. Khi A tốt nghiệp ĐH, A đi khắp nơi, đến công ty tư nhân này đến cơ quan nhà nước khác, nhưng ai chứ, ai dám nhận A, một thứ gì đó chẳng phải là người chăng? và cũng có lúc may mắn chớp hóe nụ cười với A nhưng đó là những nụ cười không trọn vẹn, họ nhận thấy A không phải “như” họ nên A lại tiếp tục bươn chãi, tìm kiếm đến…thất vọng….trong khi bạn bè đã có việc làm ổn định thì A với thành tích hơn hẳn về mọi mặt cũng không thể cứu cánh……

Source :

Identify bias : Discrimination and prejudice
–  Analysis:

In society, not in only Vietnam but also in other countries, people who belong to third sex are being discriminated seriously. People look down on them, their parents are disappointed of them and the society abandons them. They are not recognized in work, they do not have the right to love, to marry someone and even do not have their at least right of a man is being treated equally. That is injustice and unfair to them.

Item 2: Người Trung Quốc vẫn chuộng hàng Nhật Bản

…Tờ “Nihon Keizai” đặt câu hỏi vì sao người Trung Quốc ưa chuộng hàng Nhật Bản như vậy? Bởi vì hàng Nhật có chất lượng cao, vừa đảm bảo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế lại vừa bền, vừa đẹp, giá phải chăng. Tờ báo cho biết trong những năm gần đây, Trung Quốc đã cố gắng đầu tư ra nước ngoài và mua lại các dây chuyền sản xuất tiên tiến có kỹ thuật công nghệ cao của các nước. Qua đó, Trung Quốc mới có thể nâng tầm  hàng hóa ngang bằng với các nước công nghiệp phát triển và tăng khả năng cạnh tranh trên thế giới….

Source: Kiều Tỉnh. 09/03/2011. Retrieved on Friday October 28, 2011. From:

–         Identify bias: Stereotype

–         Analysis:

Most of us often think that Japanese products always go with high quality, strong endurance, reliable international standard, beauty, and suitable costs. However, not all Japanese products have these features. Therefore, that is only a stereotype.


ITEM 2: Báo chí Hàn viết về vụ cô dâu Việt Nam bị sát hại 


Vụ cô dâu Hoàng Thị Nam vừa bị chồng sát hại sáng 24/5, đã khiến dư luận Hàn Quốc một lần nữa phẫn nộ. Hãng tin Yonhap, nhật báo Daejeon và mạng café Daum ra cùng ngày đã có bài viết về vấn đền này.

Nhật báo Daejeon viết: Lại thêm một cô dâu Việt Nam bị chồng sát hại dã man. Thảm kịch cô dâu Việt Nam Thạch Thị Hoàng Ngọc bị chồng giết xảy ra tại Busan trôi qua chưa đầy 10 tháng (tháng 7/2010), lại thêm một bi kịch nữa.

Theo cảnh sát “Người chồng 37 tuổi vì bị người vợ Việt Nam của mình đòi ly hôn nên vung dao đâm hàng chục nhát giết chết người vợ của mình. Cậu con trai mới có 19 ngày tuổi lúc đó vẫn còn đang nằm khóc.” Quả là một người chồng mặt người tâm thú.


– Identify bias: Use “emotive language”

– Analysis:

In the news, the author uses the “emotive language” to express his indignation towards this repugnant murder. In a normal way, it can be written that a Vietnamese wife was killed by her Korean husband and he stabbed her with 10 daggers. However, the author wrote: That the bride  Hoàng Thị Nam was killed by her husband on 4th May made Korean citizens be in indignation once again. Moreover, he used many “emotive words” such as savage murder, tragedy, a man with an animal’s heart. All these words make the news become more and more impressing and emotive.


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