Entry3_ Nguyen Thi Cuc

04 Th12


Item 1: Stereotypical American 

Bias: stereotype 

Analysis: The picture above is of the stereotypical American. We are portrayed as fat, patriotic, and into greasy foods. The image shows a cowboy hat, which puts the term Westerner into an object. There is a hands-free cell phone in the man’s ear, which probably represents how often we are on the phone. The flag shirt shows how we are made out to be proud of our free country and what the flag stands for. The burger and drink represents how often we eat unhealthy foods. This image is stereotypical because there are some Americans who eat healthy, are not patriotic and are definitely not fat.

 Item 2: New York City Bus Makes Women Ride In Back

If you’re a female and you happen to hop on the B110 bus in Brooklyn, you’ll be likely to feel as if you just stepped into a middle east controlled region of the world, that’s because that particular city bus requires that women ride in the back and men ride upfront.

While the B110 bus is open to the public under an agreement with the city the actual vehicle is operated by a private company that services two Hasidic neighborhoods. Under Hasidic rules physical contact in public between the sexes is not allowed and therefore they are separated whenever possible.

Bias: Gender discrimination: Bus is a public mean of transportation so it is equal to everybody. However, in this case, they express a profound discrimination between men and women and they let women have a seat in the back and give permission of the front seat for men.

Analysis:   Discrimination about the physical contact: In the past, especially in the eastern countries, people are not allowed to have physical contact in public place no matter how close is their relationship. But this concept has been changing dramatically in the modern time especially in western countries yet in this bus route, people still hold a old-fashioned way of thinking about the contact of the men and women. As a result, they find ways to separate men and women as much as possible.

Item 3: Scapegoating

Bias: Scapegoating

Analysis: While two men in suits-two businessmen are having meal, they are deliberating each other that they are getting credit. They feel happy and satisfied because whether they are successful or not, both of them are still safe. They are planning to blame sins for other persons who are innocent. In the modern society, corruption’s social evils being condemed.

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One response to “Entry3_ Nguyen Thi Cuc

  1. lienlethi

    20/12/2011 at 09:35

    Dear Cuc,
    I must say that all your 3 items are very interesting and impressive.I like them so much because they are so colorful and meaningful. However, I would like to give comments to item 1.I agree with you that this is the stereotype of Americans.But I am afraid that I don’t agree with your analysis.We can see a in this picture a man wear a America flag skirt.He is holding a hamburger and a can of cocacola, I suppose so.And he wears a cowboy hat.This is very typical feature of a America.So this picture is tereotype of American who is said to be very keen on fat food, and amire cowboys so much.


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