Entry 3_Le Thi Lien

01 Th12


Identifying bias


– Stereotype: Women talk more than men

-Analysis: We can see in the picture , there is a wife talking too much about something with her husband while the husband seem to not want to hear it.Some research say that women speak 70000 words a day while the average man just over 2000.So many people believe that women talk more than men.




-Analysis:  A litle girl is confined. She can’t go out likes peers.She look very sad.All people see this picture feel pity for her.She shouted: ‘ why you hate me’ May be she said to my parents who don’t love her just because she is girl, not a boy.This is gender discrimination.




-Analysis: In many countries and regions, people who is injected HIV/AIDS are separated from communnity. They are treated badly by other people.No one want to make friend with them which make them feel lonely and sad.

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2 responses to “Entry 3_Le Thi Lien

  1. phuonganhle

    19/12/2011 at 10:42

    i really like the item 2 but here i have a different idea about this picture. i think this show the race discrimination not gender discrimination because i see here a black girl. “why? U hate me?” may be a question she want to ask society.

  2. tranthixuan

    20/12/2011 at 15:23

    i am very impressive about your entry. I really understand what you mean.I also like item 2.It has a deep message.your analysis way is proper


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