Entry 3_Ta Thi Luong

24 Th11

Entry 3: Identifying Bias

Item 1:

This independence of Britain’s educational institutions is most noticeable in universities.  They make their own choice of who to accept on their courses. There is no right of entry to university for anybody. Universities normally select students on the basis of A – level results and an interview. Those with better exam grades are more likely to be accepted.

Source: British education in the book of an introduction to British Studies for second year students

The bias: discrimination

The analysis: the short text shows readers about kind of students the British universities will choose or allow on their courses. Normally, they select A – level students and may consider students with their better exam grades. It means, they ignore or don’t select students who are not good at exam grades and having no the basic of A – level. Therefore, the standard of choosing students the British universities apply, reflects the discrimination on student’s study level.


Item 2:



The bias: stereotype

The analysis:  the picture shows a lot of popular images in the United Kingdom such as:  royal families, guardsman in red uniform, weather, welsh…. All these images remind viewers of symbols of a traditional British society. That means viewers are able to connect to Britain through this picture.

Item 3:


Hà Nội: Cố qua đường ray, cụ già bị tàu cán

Dân Việt – Sự việc xảy ra vào khoảng 11h trưa nay, 11.11, tại đoạn đường ray đối diện số nhà 354 Lê Duẩn, Hà Nội. Nạn nhân tử vong tại chỗ.


Tàu hỏa cán chết cụ già

TPO – Khoảng 11h hôm nay (11-11), tàu SE20 (tuyến Đà Nẵng – Hà Nội) đâm chết một cụ già tại đường ray trên địa bàn phố Lê Duẩn (đoạn trước số nhà 354 Lê Duẩn, quận Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội).

The bias: assumption

The bias is caused by emotive language

The first title shows the reason for an old man’s accident – the old man was hit by train because of crossing the railway. Moreover, the title extremely evokes the reader’s curiosity what is consequence of accident to the old man. More important, the readers think of this title that the old man himself was blamed for his accident. However, the second title refers to the factor – train and the consequence of accident to the old man – the old man’s death. Therefore, the readers strongly understand that the train was blamed for the old man’s death. In other word, the title emphasize on the train’s mistake on the dead man.



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