Entry2- Phạm Thị Huyền

12 Th10

Item 1: Huggies nappy advertisement



1 Source Huggies company
2 Target Audience Baby
3 Medium (media) TV broadcasting
4 Context The world of babies (at the company, on the road and at home)
5 Objectives Create an strong impress and interesting feeling.

Introduce about the baby’s nappy.



General Selling Proposition Slogan: “ Hard day, soft nappy”. “Huggies, be happy”
Product Attributes Features of product: soft and dry.
Customer Benefits Babies using the Huggies nappy will be comfortable all the long day.
Personal Values Be happier, more confident and comfortable.

Always smile despite of  great difficulties.


Message Execution

Description The baby go to his company, his boss calls him to the room and reports to fire him angrily. He keeps smiling , arranges the personal implement and leaves the company. When he goes out, his car is being pulled by another van. He still smiles and walk to the home. Then, he drops the key to the corner so he lie down to the hammock. But he is completely in wet by water from the pipe in the garden.

He spends a  hard day with a big smile on his face thanks to Huggies nappy.

Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Devices Humorous, overstatement.
8 Evaluation It is a really attractive advertisement because of cute characters and interesting pilot.

Item 2: Heniken beer ad




1 Source Heniken company
2 Target Audience Everyone, especially men


3 Medium (media) TV broascasting


4 Context In a big house
5 Objectives Create an impress and truth on the customer, especially the men.


General Selling Proposition Slogan: “ Can just only be Heniken”.
Product Attributes Cool, fresh, buoyant, satisfied.
Customer Benefits Be happy and funny and satisfied like the men in the ad.
Personal Values Affirm value of yourself with a famous label product.

Affirm the estate of the strong side.


Message Execution

Description A group of women visit the house with full of comforts, but they are really overwhelmed with the room of imnumerous clothes, shoes and jewelly,so they shout happily . however , while they are shouting, they hear the other louder shout from another room. It turns into a group of men are shouting cherrily because of the room full of Heniken beer.
Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Devices Symbol (clothes or shoes smbol for the weak side and Heniken beer symbols for the strong side), pun(humorous).
8 Evaluation The ad attract the interst of men to use the product. More important, it can help them affirm the estate of strong side.

Item 3:  Trust condom ad




1 Source Trust condom firm
2 Target Audience Young people
3 Medium (media) TV broadcasting
4 Context On the street
5 Objectives Introduce impressively about the product

Make it popular



General Selling Proposition You can trust on the “ Trust condom”
Product Attributes Safety,touch but sensible
Customer Benefits Have a safety when using it
Personal Values  

Message Execution

Description On the street,It is raining. There is a charming  woman walking under the umbrella. On the opposite side, there is a handsome man. Everyone looks them admirely. Suddenly, it stops raining. She is going to put it into its cover. Unfortunately, it is blowed in wind. The man comes near and take a Trust condom from his pocket and cover it completely on her umbrella. Everybody is so surprised and supports him.
Execution Style(s)/ Rhetorical Devices Pun(humorous), overstatement.
8 Evaluation It makes an surprise to audience and improves the quality of the product.







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Posted by trên 12/10/2011 in Entry 2


2 responses to “Entry2- Phạm Thị Huyền

  1. tranthanhngan

    13/10/2011 at 16:57

    I like your second item about Heniken beer which is famous for its attractive ad without words. Your demonstration is quite good but it has some mistakes below. In my opinion, in the context, you should add the information about time and person. And about the objectives, I think it is introducing Haniken to men only 🙂 That’s all .

  2. nguyenthihange14

    16/10/2011 at 12:52

    the first item is very intersesting. i think that the objectives of this video is not only to introduce the product but also to sell it.
    Moreover in execution style it is not humorous, i think they are fantasy( the word of babys) and lifestyles


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